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Free Transform Text in Illustrator

Thought i'd just share this little gem! Well possibly gem of info, i'd certainly never worked it out.

I normally find in Illustrator if you want to rotate or transform in some way text. You have to go about it from the menu and enter an angle of rotation or similar.

Well i just accidentally found out that if you

select a portion of text, already in a text box + COPY
click out of text box
and PASTE somewhere else,

a new text box appears only the size of the text...here's the good bit...this text can now be transformed using the select tool..much like Photoshop free tranform tool.

Pretty cool i think...
Although probably you seasoned designers already knew that, i thought i'd share it even if it helps just someone.:D

Tom Sound

Active Member
That's cool, and you're right if it helps someone out then it's well worth posting, thanks for sharing :up:

I think in essence what it does is. Copies text from a text box and pastes it as stand alone text which you can then transform, as if you'd typed it without using a text box to start with. :up: