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Free online page turner

Hi Guys,

I'm in need of a free page turner for an online version of a magazine. Just something basic and free if it exists. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great please.




Senior Member
Hi Chris

I might be stating the obvious here but if you're a printers, don't you have InDesign which includes a much better page turning model then anything you will legitimately get for free. I have 7 licences for Page Flip which lets you do more funky stuff!
A client of mine had their former printer upload their files to an online page turner and gave them the link to it. I'm looking to do the same.. if possible.

Nick M

Junior Member
Don't do it!

Page turners are only for marketing fools who think it 'looks cool' but serves no purpose - you want to see a page turn - buy a book!!!

Just had this whole conversation with some Vodafone marketing bods - they wanted it in a 2 page newsletter - lol