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Free icon sites any to add?

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by Jazajay, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

  2. samjacksondesign

    samjacksondesign Senior Member

  3. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Thats a nice list of good sets there Sam.
    Cheers for sharing defo book marked it. :)
  4. samjacksondesign

    samjacksondesign Senior Member

    I do have some more i will try source them tomorrow:)

    I didn't know about Icon Finder which is also a good source:)
  5. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Yeah I like it, just check the usage terms first though, info link top right of the image to make sure the license is cool. But yeah hopefully this thread will get interesting as everyone needs a good source of icons. :)
  6. Northy

    Northy Junior Member

    Smashing Magazine always has a good selection. I can't post links though...

    Try searching Google for " icon set"
  7. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    You clearly haven't been around long enough to know Jaz very well. ;)

    That should have been
    "Try searching Bing for " icon set"

    He's our resident Bing advert :p
  8. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    Bing is like riding a Blackpool Donkey...Slow, and taking you to nowhere promising
  9. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Lets not sidetrack this thread with the lack of imagination of moving on to far better tools and muddling through with what your use to. Besides there is a whole dedicated thread to why it is far better. :D

    That would be the second link I posted. :D

    Well when you get paid my salary for affiliates referrals what can I say. :lol:
  10. Pixelsmith

    Pixelsmith Junior Member

    Icon Factory does wonderful work and loads of free icons.

  11. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Cheers dude, defo booked marked. :)
  12. Maria1983

    Maria1983 Junior Member

    it's a good label to inspire my own design, thanks for sharing.

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