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Free GFX Packs!

Hello guys I'm Screamers Design and I will be giving GFX packs away on my YouTube channel when I hit 250 subscribers! Subscribe here removed ! Here are some examples of my work! You can also check me out on me website removed


Staff member
As I said in the other thread

You can offer things as long as they follow these rules at a minimum:

You own the rights to the files, ie you produced them, or the items ha a license which allows it to be shared
The files are not from an illegal source, example a warez site
The files are hosted on a website not via a service such as mega, uploaded, rapidshare etc
The files are not offered in return for doing a 'survey' or 'liking' a social media platform

We do reserve the right to remove any links that looks suspect though

As a side note we may need to update them rules up top, we do follow slightly different rules now....
This is in breach of the highlighted rule at the very minimum.

As a side note I'd recommend you go take a look at some of the other tutorials/instructions on youtube how to do things, your videos are actually advising people to use bad/poor practices.... Photoshop is not really a logo design program, that's what illustrator is for.

Sean Lee-Amies

When it comes to AI vs PS for logos, I believe the argument lies more with vector/raster for new designers. Vector logos are always preferred, if you cannot achieve that then you need a high resolution version of at least 1500x1500px - anything less and it's just not a professional job.