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Frankenstein book cover - please critique

Paul Murray

Staff member
I'm not getting the significance of the eyeball. It's not the first thing I think of when I think of Frankenstein. Maybe a human heart or something would be more appropriate?

Also not a fan of the font or the stroke around the lettering. Personally I very rarely use a stroke around text, and if it's looking like I need to I'll probably see what else I can change in the design to avoid having to do so.


Well-Known Member
I think you need to start off by researching book cover designs. Do some sketching of ideas first.
If it's graphic minimalism you're after, take a look at the work of Olly Moss.


Staff member
no idea why you've picked the eye for frankenstein but then it does appear to be quite popular on other covers... if I was after something iconic it would be two bolts but technically thats a movie liberty rather than being part of the book so maybe the 'table top' and lightning could be used instead.

I'd also say you've not fully understood what minimalist design is about because that cover is not minimalist to me personally.