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Discussion in 'Illustration Forum:' started by Vividhues, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Vividhues

    Vividhues New Member

    Hi everyone!
    I've started an Instagram page for my illustrations I try to update everyday with creative stuff, do have a look and followers are love! I hope you like them :)
    Your feedback is most welcome.

  2. Martin Scurry

    Martin Scurry Member

    awesome minimalist design great work you done.
  3. Mito

    Mito New Member

    I like your drawings, they are unique and lively.
  4. Vividhues

    Vividhues New Member

    Thank you so much! :)

    Thanks alot! :)
  5. GJBean

    GJBean New Member

    i love the bird and rainbow, think that ones really nice and would actually make an awesome print for someones wall.
  6. Vividhues

    Vividhues New Member

    Thank you so much! Glad you liked! :)

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