Football Trading Card

Hey there, I'm a little worried that this is a bit out of place on here as most posts in this section seem to be logos or illustrations far surpassing my current creative talents but hey, if you don't shoot you don't score :p
I made this in photoshop in about two or three hours and I would be more than happy to share the psd if anyone wants it.
The card was based on the cards you get in fifa ultimate team if anyone plays that? Haha here's a picture of one if I've lost you.
If this post isn't really relevant to this section then I apologize, just wanting some feedback :)

Tony Hardy

They look like the Ultimate Team cards in Fifa? What's the purpose of the piece? :) What do you plan to do with them? Not a criticism, just curious :)

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Hmm, I'm finding it hard to explain this so I'm sorry if I don't make much sense here but fifa ultimate team is basically where you get football players and put them all in a team which you can play with, the players are represented as trading-card-esque thingys showing their stats :p theres no real purpose to making these I just saw some and thought I'd try recreating them :) haha I realize now it may be a little hard to critique with no purpose :p

Tony Hardy

Well they're good, cos I instantly put two and two together. Didn't realise you'd mentioned Ultimate Team your first post!