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Food Packaging

I am wanting to find the ideal packaging for a small scale pet snack business using all natural ingredience. Has anyone got any suggestions?
Thanks Becky, some great designs, but at the moment I am looking for suppliers of suitable packaging. One possible idea is zipper pouches, but the dog food has eco values so I am looking for packaging to reflect this.


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you might want to look into the standards required for the products you want to sell (ie thing's like does it need to be vacuum sealed etc) before looking into a type of packaging. You might find a really nice paper/card based design but then find it needs to be in a metal tin etc.

edit: Personally I'd look at jam jars if it's for the farm you've mentioned before, the reason being is you could offer up a discount if you return the jar and then reuse it (think milk in the old days), you can't get much more eco friendly than that, plus you can also recycle glass :)


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Some sort of recycled card? The risk is they wont hold what you need and to get them water tight it would need to have some sort of gloss.

Terta packs?

Urban Pie

use recycled card, I think.
Thanks both of you for the ideas.
Its not for me but a friend who may be using some ingredience from us. One product will be a really dry goat jerki and I am thinking thick brown paper with a label.
The other some biscuits - I like the idea of glass jars, it never occurred to me but thats a great idea - thanks Levi for yet another good idea.

Tom Sound

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Hi Anne,

what about a pillow pack? this means your friend could package themselves with no extra equipment needed, all the print is integral so no extra labels required, uses the 100% recyclable material and not much of it and can be resealed by the pet owner between treaty treat times.

If the range includes items of different sizes then you can keep the identity the same throughout the range just with different size packs. Also, they are generally supplied as flat pack which you fold together and then use tabs to fix them in shape so it cuts down on your packaging storage. And they look nice. Only thing I can see that may be an issue is stacking them on a shelf

This type of thing.....