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Fonts. Where to start?



Okay so I've got a couple of fonts that I want to buy. I want to use them in both print and on websites.

I've had a look around and I see lots of services for web fonts, which includes all of the usual premium fonts but nowhere do they mention offline use. I also see a lot of services offering font downloads which come with a number of licenses. For example I was looking at the font Futura and Linotype offers 5 licences for £35.70. The license types come with multiple uses and cover scenarios where sites can allow users to choose their font but not own it, i.e. on a site which lets people create greeting cards but it doesn't really give me the information that I need.

Do I have to buy the fonts for offline use and then again for web use? Or what's going on here, it all seems a little confusing. Thanks in advance.
I'm no legal eagle either, but im guessing that offline use is included in the standard licences, the webserver one is to cover you for using as an actual web font, if its only going to be an odd word then convert it to an image (i know not great practice but gets around the issues), the proofing one is for rubbish like vista print's site where Joe public can be a designer for a day and generate their own designs :(
the last one is for software design i think, ones that bundle in custom fonts to make the PC look a little more interesting.


Thanks for the comment kayak.

I thought I would post back here for anyone in the future who has a similar query as I've managed to find my answer with a bit of digging and emailing.

So, yes you do in fact have to purchase an offline and online license for fonts in any professional/commercial capacity. I have managed to find a solution between two companies who operate a partnership and between them provide fonts for offline and online use. I'm sure you can purchase an offline font and convert it yourself for online use but I doubt the legality of this (regardless of how likely or not you are to get caught) and as a designer looking to use lots of fonts on lots of different projects it's just much easier to do it this way.

When it comes to web fonts, it's more of a monthly plan than a one off payment. You get access to their entire font library (over 20k) for either free (with advert), £6.50 or £64.80 a month depending on which service (higher/lower pageviews etc) self hosting you want. As a designer you can also apply for a special account which lets you use the free account without having to display the badge for client mock purposes only. Not bad I guess.

And then linotype simply provides you with fonts for offline usage.