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Fontographer/font creation?


Senior Member
I used to use it all the time to create fonts, however since the death of my old hard drive (which is now litterally sleeping with the fishes) I don't have the program backed up.

Has anyone got any recommendations of programmes that I could use instead that are more current? The version of fontographer I had was a right nightmare i had to find out how to hack it so it would run in Leopard!

Come on folks, I have a pile of books under my bed from 1875 that I want to make a font out of!
I have it on good authority that a new and improved version of Fontographer will be out very soon! (Next month or so)...

I am designing the print adverts for the new version for Fontlab so I should know.


Junior Member
adobe illustrator.
same as fontographer in terms of capability,
except how it behaves when you remove a point on a curve.
in illustrator the line straightens..
in fontographer the line springs out to smooth the curve.


Senior Member
does illi actually have a font mapping setting?

If it does, dam I do not know half the things that programme is capable of!


Junior Member
sorry, im not sure if it does.
i have fontographer, but ive never actually used it.

i was going on info that ive got in my logo font and lettering bible (leslie cabarga)
in one section it compares the features of fontlab, fontographer and illustrator.
in total it lists 17 differences between fontographer and illustrator,
i could not see anything to do with font mapping.

ive only ever used illustrator for my fontwork.
sorry if my first answer might have been misleading.


Senior Member
what i used to do was build the text in photoshop, 300 dpi bmp, scan in fontographer and then the fun began.

I know loads more now about shading, using halftones and generally loads more full stop, so would love to have another crack at it. I shall look up font lab.