Font -What's its name??


lovely !
And the lettering is not bad either...
do you think it's a font?
Also is there a name for the way O and C shape are.

Film more classy than movie too..


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Yes, lovely! Couldn't Id it tho, going to taunt me for awhile to come.

About the O&C glyphs do mean axial stress?

Axis, Used to describe posture, the angle that bisects the upper and lower strokes is the axis. In typefaces with stroke contrast, the inclination of the lowercase o axis is used to measure the angle of stress. A completely vertical axis results in a neutral, upright posture. When the axis leans left or right the letterforms have (positive or negative) stress. Often in old-style typefaces the axis is more inclined, and in transitional and didone faces, it’s vertical. Rational and geometric typefaces often have a neutral axis (and stress).