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font sizes


Senior Member
This may be obvious...

I know a pt is 1/72 of an inch.

but why does most software stop font sizes at 72pt in their drop down boxes and make you manually type the size or use arrows rather than have a preset of say 100,120,150 or similar as many people that use indesign, photoshop etc will be using these sizes.?

I know you can setup rules/styles etc in publishing software but I don't get why not in standard options..

Am I missing something here?


Active Member
No idea Teresa,
I think it's a traditional thing from old typesetting days.
basic typesetting/letraset etc only went up to 72 point, anything bigger than that had to get done on a headliner maching or blown up on a PMT camera.


Senior Member
it would be good if adobe gave an option in preferences to use either a traditional up to 72pt or an alternative font scale up to say 300pt in their software, I would find it a lot better personally, though i expect it probably doesn't bother most people...?