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Font heeeeellllpp!!!


Junior Member
Hey guys.

Last year i designed a logo for my business using Microsoft Word. I need to start from scratch but can't for the life of me find the font anywhere, or work out how to get the mirrored effect undernieth the text :( can someone please help???

Thank you!!


Not sure about the font, but the mirror effect is done on other software such as Photoshop - but there are many tutorials on the web to help you out for that.


Junior Member
Just been messing around with Word, and i'm pretty sure i did it through word art. But still cant find the font :( i don't know if the font should be in boxes like that or if it was a different style through word art editing, driving me maddddd lol


Senior Member
I don't know if you noticed this, but your white letters become black in the reflection... That's not quite how reflections work :rolleyes:

I don't recognize the font though


Junior Member
:) well spotted! This is why I'm wanting to start again, so the reflection will match the style of writing! And ill give that site a try now and let you know how i get on :) thanks for all your help!!