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Font for personal use


Senior Member
A friend of mine has literally fell in love with this font: Fan Script | Sudtipos. I tried to buy it for her, but probably there are some problems with our browser or the antivirus settings or the site and I cant complete the order.

But now another option has just occurred to me: as she only needs it for personal use (she'd like to write her name with it and have it printed on a t-shirt), perhaps she could get it from someone who owns it?? Do you think it is allowed, provided that it's a one-off and she won't use it again or divulge it?

Alternatively, do you know where I can buy it other than Fan Script by Sudtipos Type - Veer.com ?
Regardless of whether the font is for personal use, you still have to pay for it.

This forum isn't going to allow free font sharing...
yep pay is the way, but a lot of the time people tend to get a way with finding a font which is very similar and ends up being free, just have a good look around.


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Thanks guys. I see. I’m happy to buy it anyway. It’s just that the site that sells it doesn’t let me complete the process. I’ll try again and perhaps I’ll buy the all cd from a store.

I prefer not to get similar but free versions as it may (in some cases) not be allowed as well. Authors might mind if their work gets distorted. You never know, so just to be on the safe side, I’ll keep searching for a place to buy the original.


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Unless someone sees her wearing the shirt, recognizes the font and wonders if she has a license for it, you should be safe.

Free alternatives that come to mind are Ballpark and Lobster, although I'm not even sure if that last one is free.
Yeah she probably would, but its more the morals of doing so. It would be like someone stealing one of your designs and saying "its ok as long as i dont get caught"

At the end of the day someone has worked hard on that font and deserves to be paid for it.