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Font converting problems best option to choose?

Hi Everybody,
i hope i created this post the right place.
I have little printing business and use corel draw for files, however we are located in UK and most people like to design with adobe programs.
Despite most of them all their self professional designer almost everybody forgetting to convert fonts to outline and we are having open and process these files with Corel Draw.
I am looking program to correctly open these files and convert fonts to outline like saving as Eps or PS.
I used Acrobat Pro for this purpose and it worked like magic, it opens all the adobe files and save as eps so i can import into Corel Draw easily.
However acrobat so costly and i am looking for cheaper option for this?
Do you have any suggestion for this purpose? Which lower acrobat version does same job? If i buy say acrobat 7-8-9 does the same job?
i do not need acrobat other that solely open files and convert fonts to import these files into corel.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Say an issue arises where your adjustment of the document causes a problem with the print run, you're the one that's going to have to cover the re-print cost. I would just ensure all artwork supplied is print ready, converting to outlines is a 2 second job.