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following a tutorial


Senior Member
I had 5 (45actuall) minutes, and had a look at a tutorial.

Really cool Eclipse Effect in Photoshop | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

I followed it to a point, but there were a few bits in there that I hate.

A few to many filters, when I have texture photos that are way better, but there were some good brush uses in there. Using the screen layer effect, not really done that before. I added some more details, and upon finishing my spin on it, I added the text as I thought it looked like a disaster movie poster!

So I welcome you all to have a crack at a tutorial and improve your skills! It feels goooood! And crit this if you wish.



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I learned most of what I know from tutorials, even if you dont really like the end result you learn the tools and processes involved. Im willing to bet something you used to create that will come in handy somewhere down the line.


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What's up with the 2011 ?
First of all it should be 2012 and second of all they misinterpreted the calendar and now it supposedly is in december 2210 :p

And I used to follow a lot of tutorials for some generic effects commonly used for forum signatures/tags :)


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The technique for the sky/aurora was really interesting, brush settings that I had never considered before, that will defiently come in handy.

Ontaris, 2012 is over rated, I'm guessing the illuminati will have unleashed the monsters by 2011.