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foil blocking job

Hi all,

Have a job to fulfill for a client who wants some invites made.

He's requested foil blocking on newsprint paper.

If there is anyone who can fulfill this job or who can point me in the direction of a suitable supplier that would be great!

I suspect there will be some constraints in the request so if the spec needs to be amended accordingly then thats ok, I would like to give the client some alternatives.

Thanks :)



Staff member
I used to work for Philprint Ltd Scarborough (I dont think they have a web presence). The only limitation with hot foiling is that news print is probably a bit too thin to be sheet fed so will have to be done on a hand press which will increase the cost.

For a quote contact Phil Binder 01723 373532
Tony Hooper doesn't have a website, he's old school like that, but I can assure you that his portfolio in foil blocking, embossing & debossing is second to none.