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Hi guys, just to spark up a bit of banter on the forums, plus because you guys opinions mean alot to me. What do you think of my new flyer?

Look forward to hearing your views.


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The important stuff is difficult to read (nigh on impossible at a glance) and the unimportant stuff takes over the image completely. Also I wouldn't use Adobe logos on your promotional material. Most clients would assume you have the tools for the job and in other ways it gives the impression that your work and creativity are limited to and by those pieces of software. Sure, your contact info is on there but as a whole it says absolutely nothing about you or your work.
Overall, Im not a fan.


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Typo said:
look forward to hearing if you get any results.
I think we had a similar thought there lol

In regards to the flyer - as a potential client, they'd struggle to see your contact details and the 'image' in the middle isn't really anything special either.....

I'm not a fan either :down:
I agree with the other comments...if you're creating a new flyer with a view to attracting clients and new business, then your contact details have to be number one priority.

I would also lose the software logo's. No-one apart from designers are going to know what these mean (plus it's a given that any well-qualified graphic designer would already be using these programs anyway).
I dont know why i keep making these rookie mistakes lol, everything i tried to make the past few days has turned out terrible lol. i think i need to re-think the direction i want to go in with my designs.


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Don't be so hard on yourself harlequin. And don't just bin this design. You've just received some great feedback, so why not put it into practise. Work on the poster, improve it and come back for more critique. That's the best way to learn. Criticism is part of the life of a designer but you have to turn it into a positive. Each time you take feedback and learn from it you become a better designer.

A work placement would be really benficial to you but in the meantime make the most of the forum. It's the equivalent of a placement as it's full of experienced, professional designers who aim to help you improve.


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HarlequinStudio said:
true dave, true.

I think this flu is getting to me lol
This wouldn't be possible in a busy design studio but, try taking a day or two totally off from even looking at the design. Then go back to it with fresh eyes and take it apart. Try putting the feedback you've gotten into practice and work on it some more. Try a few different things out and post them together.

Take a look through louiseh's thread - My logo, whaddaya think. She did a ton of different designs and kept coming back and taking feedback and coming back again until all the work and ideas and tweaks ended up in something that she was happy with and everyone in the forum also thought worked well.
Thats great advice jim, im just over critical of myself and impatient i guess and seem to be having a dry streak. I guess i just need to turn the impatient part into drive to make it better.


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wouldn't worry over work being disliked, it's part of the normal design process. It's always harder to design for yourself too and it's part of the reason that we generally put out work up for comments etc.

I'll be doing the same when I eventually get my new website finished as a fresh set of eyes will be able to see things we often miss - plus I'm sure this lot will love to rip my website to pieces lol
Hi HarlequinStudio.
Alot of people on here incorrectly give constructive feedback, and do it in a very negative way. Take it as a learning curve though, and don't EVER let it knock your confidence. We are all learning. Even the most experienced designers who have been in the industry for years are still learning and making mistakes. Take it a step at a time. You know u won't make the same mistakes on your next projects ey!

Its much better now you've removed the software logos and made the small print and info detais/type stand out more.
I'd maybe remove the box behind your type at the top and use a different colour to break it up a bit. Maybe enlarge the text to make it stand out as your contact details are really important visually.
Have you thought about playing with the logo's position/size on the page rather than just a bang on centre piece? Also i actually liked a splash of colour in the original but thats my opinion.
I think once you've developed your logo you'll be on your way!
;) good luck