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Flyer Fold


Junior Member
Hi for a double sided A4 folded flyer - How should the second page be layed out?

Should it be mirrored so not to be upside down -

How do you know what edge is up/down?

I'm not sure how it would be upside down if you didn't mirror it, don't do that.

Other prep depends on how it's folded, how your printer wants you to submit files, etc.
Hi G,

The best thing to done, is get a piece of A4 paper and fold it, depending if it is landscape or portrait, this will give you the open edge. Treat it like you would a book, so draw out your layout on it, then open it out and it will show you how it needs to be positioned. Everything should be normal for reading, except if the layout is landscape, then the back will need to be upside down.

Hope that helps


Junior Member
hi Guys

So I do a two page document in indesign and just place my imagery/Text on without adjustment for both pages.

I know to line columns up in appropriate fold.. but I was just worried page 2 would'nt be upside down when you open out the doc.



Senior Member
Yeah you will need to send to print with some of the artwork 'upside down'. Do a quick sketch to replicate the design on a blank piece of paper to realise which bit will need to go upside down. It's most likely going to be one half of one side.