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Flipping page flip


Junior Member
Hi all,

I'm trying to find a way of putting a couple of magazines I design up on my client's website in a page flip style. I can export from InDesign CS5 to .swf then import that swf into acrobat pro 9, then set up the initial view to look how I want it. BUT, the pages don't really zoom in. Does anyone here know of a way to enable this in InDesign before exporting or am I just wanting it to do something it doesn't do?

There's lots of pay per use sites around which I'll look at if necessary but I'm a control freak and really like to have total control over how it looks etc. Ideally this is to be displayed in a Joomla website but would also like to have a downloadable page flip pdf also.

Any advice greatly appreciated :)



Senior Member
I'm not sure I follow you, if the document has been set up in Indesign then theswf you export will have a zoom feature when you right click, possibly your troubles begin when you import into Acrobat for whatever reason. I use this code to do menus and the like, worth checking out if you get stuck.


Junior Member
Try issuu.com - they have a free option and it works really well. When you 'copy link' make sure you untick 'view on Issuu site' and it opens in a pretty generic frame. I then use bit.ly to create custom short-URLs to the online digital edition.