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Flat drawings of garments, logo creation and pattern creation


Me and my boyfriend are looking into bringing out our own gym wear.

We are looking for a graphic and fashion designer as we need someone to produce the flat drawings of the garments to be able to send to the manufacture, someone to design the logo and create the patterns we would like to go on to the items of clothing.

Is this possibly anything you would be able to do?

Many thanks in advance for your help,

Lisa and Romane
I think it might help if we better understand what it is exactly you need. It seems to me you are going to need input from a number of people in order to produce your gym wear if you are not handling any of the design yourself.

You will firstly need a fashion designer to draw the 'ideas' for clothing you have. You will then need a pattern designer to construct the technical patterns for the garments so that someone (a manufacturer) can sew them. The patterns will all need grading to all the different sizes you wish to produce the clothing in. You will need a fashion designer, illustrator or graphic designer to draw any graphics that will actually go ONTO the clothing, but if you are wanting custom fabric designs then you are also going to have to source someone who can produce the fabric for you.

I can provide quotes for any of the graphics that will go onto the clothing. I would suggest trying sewing forums for the other things you need - the pattern construction of the clothing is something I know about, but not enough to construct patterns for sportswear as it is quite a complicated area with complicated fabrics.


Staff member
The cost of kitting out a factory to run bespoke garments just for you would be wildly expensive. You would certainly be better off using garments that already exist and having them labelled and printed wth your brand. I would imagine the best place to start would be to approach a manufacturer of gym wear (I'm thinking a factory in china rather than calling Nike hq) and ask them for their artwork templates. Then hire a shit hot designer to brand your business and come up with the artwork for the products based on teh templates from the factory & have them manufactured.

Thats what these guys did (I designed & built the site as well as working on some of the product designs).