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Flash is crashing my internet explorers!


Senior Member
Anyone got any idea why? It's happening in firefox, safari and opera!

And yes this is an opening for a mac's are rubbish debate, but I would rather not have it.


Staff member
its flash, its poorly coded on windows and its even worse on a mac.

Have you tried the beta 10.1's?

I've noticed more issues with flash actionscripts lately but I'm putting it down to the beta 10.1 I'm running
How old is your PC mate? Sounds stupid to you but I had a problem like this before with someones pc and I found if i re seated the RAM it solved the issue.


Senior Member
Strangely enough it started when I upgraded a flash pluggin! Its getting annoying as one of the things I do pretty well on is myspace layouts, and there is loads of flash in them. So I can't preview my work!

I'm mac all the way Glen! And I wouldn't know where my ram was 'sat'!


It will be some sort of error in the Flash plugin. I would send an email to Adobe and explain the problem Mike :) Its happened before (when it was still owned by Macromedia) when there was a roll out of the latest Flash plugin and it had an error that made it close itself.. they quickly changed that LOL