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Flash games reskinning


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Got a number of flash files that need reskinning for a client.

  1. I have 4 old flash games that I have original source files that need ammending and reskinning for a new client ( a card generator/ write a story & a sliding square game, dress the gladiator/drag and drop
  2. I also need a spot the difference game Kids spot the difference to be done – no files
contact me if you can do.


hi Berry, sorry not had a chance to reply to your email what with the wedding etc. I will drop you an email tonight :)


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I know weddings are a distraction and kind of get in the way of the real important stuff.

I'll catch you tonight.... unless your wife wont let you play out.


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Typo said:
Yup, but been real busy. Will call next week. Have 'em with you.

What? you want me to walk around with them in my pocket or stuck to my shoes like Bross Grolch tops?
I'll bring em to work.