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Flash CMS





I would thoroughly recommend sticking to xml, is it for your own site or for a client? :)
At the moment, no one! haha

It just came to mind as I was thinking about it the other day. I do have a client coming up soon that I may need to use it for. But I think he has basic knowledge of Photoshop and I'm sure he is smart enough to edit text into the right place(xml document).

I would like to try out using a fcms. But the price is a lot to 'try'!
You can create a CMS in flash quite easily but I am not sure about doing it "on its own". One option might be to use a second layer underneth like PHP to do most of the functionality.

You could have a flash user interface but use XML to pass data between the interface and an underlying PHP scripts layer that does all the database connectivity and other functional processing.

i.e. call a php script to get the last 10 blog entries (think of an RSS feed) or post another new blog entry either directly or over HTTP with GET variables.
What I think I would predominantly be using it for would be updating images and correlating text. You can control the size of the dynamic text box via actionscript. But I haven't found out how to control the size of the images. The only way I have found is sizing the images to an agreed size and then calling them in via xml.

I have never (consciously) used PHP!
I would not focus on controlling the size of the images client-side. When I code anything "admin" or "cms" that includes an image I usually handle the rest server side.

All these websites you see with a huge collection of products didnt require the admin user to size the product images right before uploading them to the website. If it did m it would be very badly coded.

To accomplish what you need the only question I had was: How does flash upload files to a server? and on my first search in google the first link was this;

Upload with Flash 8

:) great!

In reading this bit;

Flash can't upload the file by itself, and instead needs a back-end language to do the server side job.
It sort-of confirmed my theory about needing another layer, so I went on to click the "continue reading" link... if you go to page two (skipping the flash stuff) you can see that they use 2 simple lines of PHP to handle moving this image;

move_uploaded_file($_FILES['Filedata']['tmp_name'], "./files/".$_FILES['Filedata']['name']);
chmod("./files/".$_FILES['Filedata']['name'], 0777);
and line 2 is not even needed! you literally need the one line (as well as the flash code of course).

So to extend this, all you would need to do is write a little PHP that copies this file to as many directories as you need sizes of the image, while resizing and scaling on the fly.

ie. if you had


you could (psudeo code)

move_uploaded_file(params here, "http://www.designforums.co.uk/images/uploaded/") // this moves it to the main "uploaded" directory.

then have more code that copies this to the other two directories in whatever scale/target size you specify.

copy from "uploaded" to thumbs, target scale 100 * 100;

copy from "uploaded" to blog, target scale 200 * 200
Thanks for the insight! Unfortunately i am pretty ignorant with html/ css/ php! But when I have some time I will sit down and force myself to learn!


I would stick to something like Wordpress if you want a CMS, don't bother with a flash based CMS.