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First responsive website

Hi guys. I have been working on a project as lead designer which will be our first responsive website.

The site is used to provide information to customers and advisers outside the UK.

The entry page features a touch enabled carousel and also the ability to save your preferences so that on future visits you will be taken directly to the information relevant to you.

Site launched yesterday. Would appreciate any feedback.

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For me it's pretty generic, looks like a template. The colours are quite dull too. Is anything to be added to it as at the moment there doesnt seem to be a lot going on in terms of content?
Hi guys. Thanks for looking at the site.

BenJonesDesign - There is more content to added over the next few weeks. Some sections have yet to be completed. Also the imagery will change over time. The site is not a template but I can see why you would think that. The Pru brand guidelines dictate the colours to a certain extent.

Br3n - I'd be interested to hear why you think the site misses the point of a responsive site. For me a responsive site is about making content available on any device without the overhead of creating multiple versions or a mobile specific version.

Our primary users are advisers who will access the site to download and view literature listed on the move as well as in the office so we have given them an optimised experience for whatever device they choose to use. I cannot see how that would be missing he point but am interested to hear your views.