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first real piece of illustration work...


Senior Member
Hi guys.

Its been a while since ive been on here, im always back and fourth but am a very busy student at the moment... as you can see from yesterdays outcome of the day! haha

What do you think? Did it with a friend of mine each drawing different sections and colouring different bits. Done on a graphics tablet in Photoshop.



Q Noise

If you have pulled it, manually, it is well made.

Forgive for my English, I from Russia)))


Senior Member
Thanks guys.

Yep, all done manually with the graphics tablet, no previous pencial sketches, nothing scanned and nothing traced...
Typo said:
Good work. I like the secret stash.

Calvin can I join in the fun?

Yea sure. I'm trying to encourage everyone to pull out their creative finger.
I'm not showcasing the best artists, i'm just giving creatives of all levels a platform.

Drop me a line at info (@) thenothingcollective.com