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Fireworks add-ons.


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Recently I've been thinking that wouldn't it be great if Fireworks could do this or that. Then it dawned on there has to be extentions, I know dumbass or what only 4 years of using the default Fireworks. :lol:

So I came accross this and found 20 extentions that I really like and 5 of which made me go doh!!!! thats what I wanted/needed in the first link alone.

Also found out the difference between why use Fireworks for web work and why photoshop should be used for print so loads of learning today I suppose.

But these three I found great:
75 Powerful Adobe Fireworks Extensions – It really can be as Great as Photoshop! :Speckyboy Design Magazine

Adobe Fireworks CS3 Extensions | Simple Orb Smart Shape v1.0 for Adobe Fireworks CS3 - Full extention list down the left nhand side.

131 Web 2.0 Layer Styles for Fireworks | Angkor Design

So here's my question.
What other extentions for Fireworks do you use or find great. Links to sites offering it would be highly appreciated especially any related to background effects glows and the like, but any will do the more the better. :)