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FireFox 3.5 being slow anyone noticed?

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My version of FireFox 3.5 is really being slow anyone noticed this with theirs?
It loads the page then after every page load, with Yslow pagespeed turned off, it takes about 5-6 seconds before you can use the cursor. Which is really getting old now and adding a fair amount of time on to dev work. :mad:

Also when I load pagespeed it gets seriously stuck when it try's to check the CSS out but I can actually go away and make a cup of tea before it finishes anyone noticed this with theirs as well?



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Turned off all your addons ?
Run in safe mode ? (think that's what its called for firefox, could be some other "mode")

Mines running fine and is a fresh install of 3.5.5


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Sounds like your profile might be screwed.

I've got 3.5.7 (latest version) on windows 7 x64 with yslow, pagespeed and loads of others and the only issue I get is flash can crash it but I am using the beta 10.1's (having said that flash is crap software in my opinion)


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Cheers for the ideas ppl.
Just done a mammoth 50 hours over time last week so literally I have just been sleeping and working so slipped my mind TBH Levi.

Updating now, may just be an issue with my old version not downloaded properly or something like that.

Pagespeed is down to me running a more updated version of Firebug I guess as it currently only supports 1.4.3 and I have 1.4.5 or something so yey me. :mad:

Cheers ppl I'll let you know how I get on.


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Right the update sorted it so cheers ppl much appreciated, probably fixed an addon or problem with my antivirus or something.

Heres what my pagespeed says ~
Page Speed has not been tested with the version of Firebug currently running in Firefox.
If you encounter problems, please install Firebug version 1.4.3
When I run it it kills Firefox as in I have to close it and restart it, so guess it is. :)


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Yeah the Beta is for the latest version of FireBug. :)
Page Speed 1.5 Beta for Firefox 3.5.5 and Firebug 1.4.5 is here! Release notes available in the Page Speed Wiki.
Cite: Install Page Speed

Much appreciated ppl looks like this thread (Levi) has fixed both problems. :clap:

Thanks to every one who contributed though.

This thread can now be closed. :)
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