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Finding out where your site ranks

Discussion in 'SEO, Social Media & Online Marketing Forum:' started by nylelevi, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. nylelevi

    nylelevi New Member

    Do you know of any free online tools that can tell me where my website ranks in Google? Or is it just something that you find out by manually looking through Google yourself?
  2. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

  3. nylelevi

    nylelevi New Member

    Yes I realise that I can just do a google search for the question, but I heard that these results are quite unreliable?
  4. Davidw

    Davidw Member

  5. staunton_rook

    staunton_rook Member

    we use :)
  6. Martin Scurry

    Martin Scurry Member

    you can use serp trend addon for checking ranking number in google serp. also you can use mozbar.
  7. Kapil Arora

    Kapil Arora Member

    Their are some tools, which provides you the data of your website position in Google search results. But you can't relay on this data, so it's better to check the data manually.

    One of the best tool I have tried with almost accurate data is Semrush.
  8. hubblefrog

    hubblefrog New Member

    You can use alexa toolbar. It's also free. I use it also.
  9. sadesh

    sadesh New Member

    thanks for the link and it helps me to find my website ranks
  10. is very popular website for finding website ranks.
  11. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones New Member

    Semrush is displayed your targeted keyword rank in Google. You can use browser extension "SERP trends" which use for manually ranking check it's counting all listing directory on SERP and last updated rank.
  12. thiennp

    thiennp New Member

    Google Rank Checker is popular tools on SEO.

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