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Finding Inspiration: Where to go?



I'm sure that one of the hardest things for anyone in a creative industry (advertising, graphic design, website design etc) is keeping constantly inspired and keeping the ideas flowing to make sure that your output is fresh everytime.

What are peoples tips and methods for this? Do you have some websites that visit, books you pick up or even places that you go?

For me, its showcases like Webcreme, CSS Remix and CSS Tux or blogs such as Fuel Your Creativity, Creattica and Design You Trust .

If I'm feeling really burned out then I might journey down to the Baltic Mill Art Gallery in Gateshead which has one of the best art/design books shops this side of Manchester.
Some excellent links guys - thanks.

I tend to spend time just messing around with ideas, for example, if it is a text-based logo I will look at the letters to see what relationships they have or could have if manipulated, compare the text in different font styles etc.

Most of all I think inspiration often comes from others, especially something seen recently.

Sometimes I may also try to use what I understand from photographic composition - I love taking and looking at photographs, seeing the way an image works together. I am sure you find the same that different design disciplines spill over into one another.



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I often find that digging out an old copy of Computer Arts or .Net magazine sometimes brings some inspiration, or a good old book! Although we don't have many...any decent bookstores for design books down my way, so it's either ordering from Amazon based on reviews or ordering in-store at Waterstones or somewhere.

Interesting to hear how you take inspiration from photography Peter, are there any photographers sites you visit for more inspiration in that line? Over the years I've seen some amazing sites of photographers, will have to try and dig out some links, sure I have them saved somewhere :p

EDIT: Forgot to mention my little book of logos! Not sure if you guys have ever seen the compact versions of Logo Lounge they do? It's great to have on your desktop and have a quick glance through when you're getting ready to start a new logo, I think my edition even features a few examples from Mark at Eagle Imagery, who some of you will already know I'm sure :)
Some of the best inspiration for me is found at Favourite Website Awards, Dope Awards and Apple Movie Trailers (that may just be because im into my films though!).

I do love Logo Lounge and the Letterhead Design books, I can spend hours in Waterstones with those. Should buy them really and avoid getting kicked out :D


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red tiger said:
I do love Logo Lounge and the Letterhead Design books, I can spend hours in Waterstones with those. Should buy them really and avoid getting kicked out :D
I think there's designers across the Country flicking through the logo and letterhead design books by Rockport - I've got East Kent covered ;) I've only got one which is number 8 from the series I think, would love to have them all but they're pretty expensive.