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find illustrator cs5 3d values


Junior Member
i've created several shapes using illustrator CS5's "Extrude and Bevel" function.. errr but it was several weeks back and now i need to create some more using the same settings. is there anyway to get the settings/values (primarily the X, Y, and Z values) from one of my existing shapes?

As long as the 3D shapes are still editable (you haven't clicked Expand), then you can find out the settings by opening the Appearance palette and clicking on the 'FX' symbol.

Hope this helps.
If you haven't expanded the original objects and they still have the 'live' editable 3d effect applied you can just drag the object to the Graphic Styles panel (to create a new style), create your new shape, click on the style you just created and it'll be applied automatically. Saves the hassle of having to remember/transfer the settings.


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What type of thing are you trying to create in CS5, does it involve graphics or form.
That photo realistic stuff is excellent!
Just watched GIJOE released from Hasbro and can't tell the difference between actual filmed objects and those CGIed.
Do you do much of this type of thing?
Figures, moving cars.:rolleyes: