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Find a design agency who did an advert for Ford


Senior Member

Trying to get hold of the design agency who have ust done a print add for ford.

Anyone know if this is possible, any design sites that has a list of all adverts etc..


Do you have a link/copy of the advertisement? Was it an actual corporate Ford advertisement or for a dealership?

If the latter, it's likely to be a local agency, we get a lot of dealership display ads done by local 'agencies'


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It was a national advert.

Luckily managed to get through to correct Ford Department and made a good contact!

Took 3 attempts at ford but 1 person listened and helped!


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Olgily used to handle most of the above the line ad stuff for Ford UK. I'm sure that they did the Ford Ka commercials

Ogilvy Group UK Ogilvy & Mather,10 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf
LondonE14 4QB Tel: 0207 345 3000

If not Olgivy then it's Young & Rubicam