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Film Production Team looking for a talented GFX artist to work with!


Junior Member
hey guys,

"hypebar" is a team of 3 young creatives which is currently stepping into semi-professional film-business.

Our team consists of an Austrian Filmmaker who is doing the directing, shooting, editing and color correction, a professional Soundtrack Composer and Musician from England who is creating the sound fx and a talented VFX artist from France who is doing awesome animations and special effects.

To complete our team and make one step further, we are looking for a good, talented and motivated gfx artist who is willing to work regularly with us on non- and low-budget films such as commercials, narratives, portraits of other artists and more.

You would have the chance to work on a variety of stuff, and some or your "jobs" would be the development of logos and symbols, typographie, backgrounds etc ... things we need for some of our films and which our vfx artist would use to come alive.

Furthermore, you do have the chance to work in an ambitious team with very talented young artists, and sooner or later, we hopefully have the opportunity to earn some money with our vids

Our homepage is currently under construction, I will post a link to our homepage and our videos as soon as possible.

If you are interested, pls post right here or via PM, we are looking forward to hear from you!

best regards,


Junior Member
hey Sam,

we are looking for someone who is pretty good in typography, developing different styles of logos and slogans. Our "vfx artist" is awesome in motion tracking and animation, but he's not very used to developing grafics.

hope I could answer ur question.

cheers, Marc
Hi! I am a Senior Designer for Halo Media in Bristol. We have just relaunched our website in a 'B Movie' style. It is pretty out there but it has made me think I would actually enjoy doing some proper movie posters. Take a look at out site (http://www.halomedia.co.uk/) and let me know what you think. This would be something I would do as a freelance job for you rather that through the company.

Private message me if you are interested.