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Hi all!

As part of a research project into film posters, I'm looking to ask other designers what they consider to be a 'good' film poster. If anyone could give some examples of film posters they think are 'good' to them personally, and why they consider it to be so, that would be great. Beyond the design aspect, I'm looking into the emotional aspect, the impact of the film itself and the financial goals of the production and how it also impacts their opinion. I'll then compare the results of the public, designers and those involved in the film industry to see any patterns.



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Thank you for the responses!

I spent a lot of time around Saul Bass's work, love his work too, though I've had to move away from a single designer. I've briefly looked through Drew Struzan's work alongside, Bill Gold, Phillip Gips/ Steve Frankfurt, Richard Amsel etc, though is there a word you would describe all 'good' film posters? Does the designer do something different to make it stand out? Innovative layout, use of typography or colour, or just a good idea?

I can agree a lot of film posters are the same, though would you agree the original inspiration of the copies being 'good'? Like Struzan, I feel a lot of posters have copied his style.


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The main image has to be key to it all, whether it's a photo or illustration, then the design works around that. There probably have been
good posters with only typography, but there can't be many. Then everything else fits around that. A good tag-line is often important too.