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File sharing and collaboration with Droplr?

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone in this community is using our tool, Droplr, for file sharing or collaboration... We're always looking for feedback about our tool from the design community. If you have any feedback, please email me directly: dustin@droplr.com

If you're not familiar with Droplr, check it out: https://droplr.com

It's a super-quick and easy tool for sharing files with colleagues and clients. It also has some slick screenshot and screencast tools built in.

If you'd like to evaluate Droplr, email me and I'll get you set up.




Staff member
Welcome to the forum.

Honestly... I'd never heard of it.

I'm not sure it's of much use to me personally (I'd be concerned over confidentiality due to the nda's I often work under) but it may be of use to others.

Maybe you could tell us some more about what makes the tool special etc because I'll be honest and say I think it could be clearer on the website.