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Feedback puhlease!


Alrighty, most of this work I have done as freelancer, so I haven't had any peers etc to give me any direction and feedback on what I've done.

The design work is all on my website, this is just the recent stuff I've done over the last year, none of my uni stuff.

All feedback is welcome :D



Senior Member
On the website:
I like the organic look you have given it. It ties in really closely with your artwork. The harsh white container sort of falls out of line though with the rest of the site. The way you lay out your content isn't very nice though. The font is way too small, and the two column layout on the home/about page just doesn't work. Those same two columns come back in your design portfolio, where it works on the first work sample, but it really doesn't on the others. The contact page needs a contact form but you already figured that out.

On your design work:
It's all rather minimalist, I dare say tame. On some of your logo designs the kerning is way off; it's quite a distress. I'd say the GDS logo stands out and is your 'best' work but don't take my word for it :)

On your art:
I'm definitely drawn to your abstract stuff. Especially the vibrant colors and shapes in the third piece are very appealing.

And welcome to DF if I haven't said that yet in another topic :)
it's a nice site, fresh and clean. i agree with ontaris about the font size... lots of older eyes out there.

other than that, nice start and you can improve as you go and grow.

all the best