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Feedback Please


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Hay Peeps,

Just finished the basics of a design i have done for a Recording Label site, and basically needing some more inspiration on how to jazz it up abit. But keeping the whole thing simple but pleasing to the eye, if you’re getting my drift...

Anyways here is the design so far: index-new.png - ImageHost.org
I know it's not perfect but its a draft one of the design.

Let me know what you think.

Cheers :)


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Levi - not so much of a bad thing.

br3n - not really mastered the gradient thing.. Without it looking kiddy, got any tips or tutorials I could check out?

Font wise yeah i keep looking at it and the more I do I hate it =/.


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Just use a simple grey to transparent fade on some of your menu areas, play around with the opacity until you get something subtle, it'll make a huge difference and really lift the design.


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Honestly its still not right. The gradients are there but its too little, it really needs something to bring it off the page and create some visual interest. IMO the headings are way way too big, its almost patronising.

Think of some words you want associated with this record label - sophisticated? sleek? modern? then put images to those words and really create a STYLE.

Take a look on Web Templates, Flash Templates, Website Templates Design - Template Monster for some layout inspiration if your still stuck.


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There is no strong branding element to the site.
Think of it as a Miusic magazine cover. Strong branding and then a hierachy of information. big/small/sub etc to create interest and further reading.


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Berry said:
Think of it as a Music magazine cover. Strong branding and then a hierachy of information.
At the moment the design lacks any personality, think about record labels and artists and think about the genres their music fits into, they will all have a personality that shouts what they're all about. What does this company represent? Who do they represent? What genre of music do they work in?

I would start with the logo, and try to develop an identity from there.
Hope that helps, Greg