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Feedback on Website, CV & Samples!


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The portfolio is very clean and nice, very similar style to alot of other people and I'm still not sure if this is a good or bad thing. There is some amazing work in your gallery aswell :D I'd be very very proud to have that out there...

I feel your CV is way way too long
I'd get bored of it before I read the first page, no offence intended, but a CV in my eyes should be 2 pages when its small pieces of text on each - but again this is a personal thing, but would a director read all of that? really?
Hi Mike,

First of all I really like the site and your work is great!

I think the body text is too small however, and I'm really struggling to read it. I also think that you should include your work on the site instead of linking to a DA account. I'd also make the small images in your featured projects clickable. The first thing I did upon entering the site was click on those, and I was quite disappointed when nothing happened. :)


Hi Aarlev, thanks for the feedback!

The only reason I linked to my dA account is purely for time and updated reasons...
I am only an amateur with web code, and find it easier to update my dA account than my own website, silly I know. But I will take on board clicking the projects, maybe direct link to the dA page with that item on.

h-freezy, thank you, I am quite stunned, I was expecting to get flamed for poor designs or something :(


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Hey mike havent had a chance to look through the work - will comment later but there is an error in the display, well im getting it anyway

Firefox 3.0.4
Hi br3n!

Cheers for the feedback, I think its something to do with the font css, it seems what ever font if my default choose font isnt on the system, it reverts to that font which seems to be messing up the layout. I will check the CSS when I get home, cheers again!

And thanks for the add on dA!
The site looks great, maybe needs a bit of space between the different sections, just seems a bit crammed up towards the top.

I think the CV though has to much on it, needs more white space.

You should drop the GCSE results and references, and maybe the work samples if more space is needed.


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I like your work, let's start out with that. ;)

Design-wise, I can't say much... It's a safe gamble, very generic looking. It doesn't stand out, and it's probably not you who is to blame. People have been whoring the style so you really have to push it to the limit to still stand out from the crowd if you choose to go with the style.

Accessibility: the font is soo tiny that even I had to size it up, and when I did, the text became illegible in several places. Next, where are your alt tags for your images? And in my opinion your work previews should be clickable for a larger version, or at least link to your deviantART submission.

Codewise, all the inline styling should go into the stylsheet, which should also be linked to externally. Work out your headings, whats up with the h1 and h2 tags for what should just be one heading? Unnecessary heading tags applied, for example your phone number. I don't know how well your coding skills are, so I'm just giving you an objective opinion.

A big part of your styling can be cut back by using some generic classes to define colors. Instead of adding spans inside h3 elements for styling the color, you can just give them a class of green, red or blue.

Sounds like I don't have much good to say, and I blame Berry for it. Welcome to the forum :up:


Staff member
I don't like the way that I'm taken to a new site (da) when I click view more, the gallery should be on your own site its just cleaner and its the same style.

The small type is too small, its literally 2-3mm tall on my 20" display.

Personally I'm not keen on the logo top left (plus theres no yellow showing in it) but thats a personal thing I suppose.


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Quite like the cleaness of the site, don't like getting bounced to another site!
the font does look small to me - if it is in Gill San's like i think it is, then schoolboy error. Gill is not a good body font for anything less than 12pt, it has a small x hight in relationship to its cap hight, therefore 11pt Gill will visually look the same point size as 9 point Arial etc.So i would change that font immeediatly. Also the web page looks a bit thin on the overall depth size. What size have you done the page size too? Also show me the work. Apart from that nice and clean.
Thanks for all the feedback, too many people to thank!

Firstly, I must say, I can take criticism, its the reason I posted my website etc here, I want to make it better and you guys have the knowledge to help me do that.

Secondly, it was designed on my old old old laptop, 15 inch monitor, 1024x768... I have recently been bought a beast of a PC, 22 Inch monitor, Quad core, 8gbs of RAM etc, and I am looking at revising my website, stationary etc with this.

Berry is correct, it is Gill Sans, would anyone be able to suggest a replacement font, I like the clean lines of Gill, but as a few people have suggested its not very readable. I will also look into revising the grid size and making more white space between the sections.

As for the portfolio, my website skills are minimal, only stuff I have taught my self, the idea was to link to the dA Portfolio - Unbranded addition, I just haven't got round to sorting this out, as I am currently working full time, only 2 more days to go though!

Logo: I really wanted to design a logo, but I have no idea what to do (when it comes to my own personally work, I seem to get tunnel vision, with clients work I am as creative as Walt Disney!) Maybe some really nice sort of handwritten logo with my name in?

CV: I mentioned I had stripped down my CV from 8 pages to 2, can I continue to strip even more details out of it, and still land clients and jobs?

Sorry for the lengthy reply, I feel like I am 80% there and with your advice, I can nail this properly.



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Yeah as you stated you're not a web developer so take this as advice rather than a bashing haha:

The code needs cleaning up.

There are also some usability concerns I could point out if you like? Can't at the mo as I'm at work 'working'.
Hey Harry!

I take it all as advice, and never as a bashing, I came here for help and advice, no matter how harsh it maybe!

I would love your assitance, but maybe once I have finished tinkering on the site? I plan on replacing the fonts, adding spacing, and making click through samples, would you be ok to look after that work is complete?? Saves cleaning up my code twice!
Thanks again guys, gonna be a few days till I even think about working on it, last day at my contracted job tomorrow, then its payday weekend!

Any suggestion for a replacement font for Gill Sans would be greatly appreciated though, bearing inmind it needs to be a font that most computer have! Any ideas?