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Feedback On Two Posters Please

Could you give us more information on what the posters are for, the brief you worked to etc?

Initial impressions, not sure about the colours on the first one, it's a bit in your face, but then it is for a toy... It does just feel a bit basic. Main issue is the font though, I would consider a less complicated font at least/especially for the main copy, the title is okay although it feels a little restricted in that green band; but the other font is just a bit hard to read..

As for the 2nd one, obviously this isn't following pepsi guidelines in terms of the new font; but I like the concept/style. I would say it needs some tidying up, I can still see the outline of pepsi in the top red section and the woman could be cut out better, get in closer to your edges, dont forget areas like between the heel and shoe. Not entirely sure she fits or makes sense with an ad for pepsi though.

But certainly a great start over-all =)