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Feedback on this quick 'hideaway' design please.


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For my current University project, I need to design a hideaway that is situated in the forest somewhere. The limitations are that is can only occupy a space of 24m2 and be 12m high. It needs the basics of a house and a observation tower.

Briefly, could you tell me if it looks ridiculous, or could turn out quite well as it's not yet finished. I will have more windows etc.

Thank you

P.S I have one day to finish the design and model it out of wood !



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Hey mate, Architecture is my go-to form for inspiration and I also wrote my dissertation on modern/postmodern architecture focusing on tadao ando.

That kind of reminds me of Ando's 4x4 house in Kobe, Hyogo.

If you haven't heard of him definately take a look - all of his work is breath takingly awesome. Anyways.... I like where your going and I love squares in design (my own work is very cubic) but by altering the shape of the windows its not having the effect you want, I think you need to consider the positioning of the "blocks" and keep the windows rectangular/square (dont forget it would be 100* more expensive your way and would have less visual impact)

This is a concept house called "zero house" I forget who by... but along the same lines

Hope that helps or at least inspires!


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I know what you mean and I did have a design similar to one that you posted, but due to the space limitation, I had to alter it. I think i will stick to just squares and rectangles like you said... I just thought it would be a good idea to experiment.

I'm going to try and create more ' spaces' in the whole structure so that it doesn't look like I've crammed it into the limited space ( again going back to my first idea )

thank you for your feedback , it's precisley what I predicted and now I know than someone else feels the same ( my tutor told me to email pictures of the design but she hasn't replied so I thought it's just as good to get view on this forum )


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I've had enother go with the inspiration of the 4X4 house, but is't not really working ( the only way it can work it so comy the design really. )

Herre's my first idea, I know it's not at all finished, hence the missing walls as I got mad with it :rolleyes:

It the main design of this one any good ? If I made the boxed more box like etc and reduced the amount of window etc.

Thank You.

I now have 14 hours to make it in CAD and out of wood ;)