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Feedback on Streetwear Logo Design


Junior Member
Hey guys, I'm a student in graphic design on an art foundation course currently in the process of my FMP project.

The brief is retail design for a ficticious street wear company called 'Kingpin' - and I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the current logo I have designed.

thanks, Hockeynut.


Senior Member
It's to vector for my taste. Do it by hand a few times, scan it, and then come back. It will look a million times better.
Agree with Mike. Do it on paper instead. It'll have way better flow, and you just can't imitate a good handstyle with vector.

Here's a few stylish tags to give you an idea..



Active Member
As MrP & Aarlev said above, the regular thickness of the lines take away the loose/flow that it looks like it should have. Can you post up the design brief too? I know you said street wear, just wondering if it's a bit too obvious going with a tag?

Welcome to DF by the way :up:


Senior Member
I agree with the comments above.
Also I would be tempted to rethink using a monogram. For one thing 'Kingpin' is one word, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to use initials. And for another it makes me think that the 'salted nut manufacturer' is trying to go street!

Good work so far but I think you can push it a lot further.

Tom Sound

Active Member
Anything with a crown says Stussy to me. I kind of like it though but I read it as ISP when I first saw it. Looking forward to seeing it develop :up: