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Feedback on our website/portfolio


Staff member
first thing I see is a finger nail scratch in your business card images. That isn't a good image is it.
Apart from the dodgy mark I really like the branding. Feel a bit for the person who has to drive the biscuit-mobile!

Site is minimalist and easy to navigate through. I would suggest for the homepage changing some of your own branding images for 'recent work' and getting some of the clients work shown (a variety of pieces)

Another suggestion - the work is to a very high standard but took me quite a while to go through each section. Maybe think of a different way of displaying the artwork at a glance (an overview perhaps with thumbnails?)

Nice work :D


Senior Member
I love the branding too... and the general feel of the site, a few things I notice in a quick browsing of it

Not a fan of the splash page when you go to the site, not sure if it's necessary(?)

I want to say the main body text is too small, but it might just be the line-height or something, it just appears squashed up..

The contact form looks 'odd' due to the size of the text box in relation to the others

I think the quality of your work is amazing, and however much it pains me to say, thumbnails might be a better way to go when going to each of the branding / print sections...
Maybe under the large image, and then clicking them brings it up... I feel annoyed that I have to click through 8 pictures to see all your self promotion, I'd prefer to be able to see them and choose which I really want to look at.

My other main grievance is the web links taking me straight to another site. If I'm browsing your site :) I don't want to go to their site (yet), have a picture (or set of pictures) and then a link over on the right :)

Just my 2c, could be a lot of things you've thought about and decided against, but thought I'd give it anyway :)
Hi there,

Firstly let me say that I love the splash screen, a quirky idea which is fun, but I must agree with I can understand what Rennik means, does seem kinda odd. My thoughts are if there was a little banner on each page saying "take a break" bringing up the flash screen in a window.

I have to agree with everything Renniks said but I would also like to add that would it not be better for the website to be centered, just feels like I'm about to fall off the edge of my chair looking at the main info being right on the left hand side.

Otherwise some great work their and looking at your branding it makes me want to have another look at my own.