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Feedback on my personal cards

Hi Guys

Mini cards - The first image is the preview at the printers
The next two are close ups of the actual design

So , I must state that I can draw perfectly well, I just chose to explore and am fascinated by the powerful effect words can exert when placed in different forms, I am also a big fan of minimalism, I am only 16 so bare this in mind.

You need to include website / email / address?

A name and mobile number does not instil confidence when selecting a potential supplier.

These aren't my business cards, there half the size of business cards, there more like little bookmark things.

Yea my actual business cards do have all the relevant details.

Paul Murray

Staff member
I'm not a fan of the crumpled paper texture if I'm honest. A solid background seems a bit more professional.

I'd still include an email and web address on there too if you're going to be handing them to people.
Thanks Paul
Yea , I did a few trials with other fonts on plain back , Im not usually a big goer on textures either but theres a line between design , and just whacking a font onto a background

Paul Murray

Staff member
Yeah, it's a fine line. Sometimes I see designs that I think are fantasticly simple, yet if I created something like that myself I'd think it was too simple to be classed as 'design'.

I'm not saying you shouldn't use a texture on the card, I'm just not keen on the crumpled texture as the text isn't crumpled and so they don't fit together.

Have you thought about getting them printed onto heavy, textured card as oppose to adding the texture digitally?
Erm not really as I'm 16 , Just doing a few trial peices to build up some kind of portfolio of nice peices

also currentley looking for an internship or design experience with a company

know any?
Hmmm , Yea Well I wont put it in my portfolio then perhaps

This is a design postcard Im working on at the moment

Obviously its minimal , as its the front of the card... font work to be done
The only thng I'd say is that the 'minimal' type isn't particularly minimal.
I was about to say exactly the same thing. Doesn't work as a "pun" for me either, it just leaves me confused now you've said it's meant to be. And i agree with the textures comment - minimal design, minimal textures would be good, it looks dirty to me, needs to be clean xx