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Feedback on my new CV/Artwork Sample


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Hi guys,

I've put this CV together tonight, and tried to keep it REALLY BASIC. Minimal. As possible.
It's mainly intended for email use so the file size of the pdf is less than 450k even with the images, the basic white background is printer-friendly too. Anyway, just thought I'd post it on here for a little feedback.

[Edit] - Obviously these are low quality Jpegs of the CV, the text paths on the PDF are crisp and the images much sharper.

Oh and thanks in advance.


personally I would have chosen the series of characters you did which included the robot over the monster you have on there. I like the layout, simple is good but I would be tempted to get some colour in there.


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Yeah I kind of feel like having something colourful splashing into the top right hand corner. Maybe time to start developing myself a logo of some kind? I've toyed with things for months but never been fully satisfied with the results so far, maybe I'll post a few bits and bobs for feedback.

The monster was a tough choice. For me the ghostly fireman had to be included, which meant the other images ideally had to work in portrait. The monster is part of the same series that also includes the robot and the professor. I couldn't include the image of all 3 as it would only work landscape, so I had to pick one. The prof is too similar in style to the lads opposite, and the monster is taller so would work better portrait than the robot.

It was a tough choice, but there was logic behind it. I'm still open to suggestion though, it's easily updated after all. I'll try it with the robot and see how it looks. Or I could put it on the 1st page in the top corner lol. Nah.

Thanks for the feedback ben.
I think the illustrations are good but the CV lets you down.

It needs to be made more visually exciting and contain some personality (possibly incorporating your illustration style?).

While I agree that the CV should be clean and easy to read, it doesn't convey the impression that you're passionate about illustration.


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Thanks Designmatic. My old CV used to have this little guy drawing himself into existance... [attached below]. I was wondering if I'd gone too simple this time. I think I will go about injecting some personality back into it, maybe he might get put back on there.


You'll never get that job at Tesco's with that CV Jim.
I agree with other comments the CV part is just dull.
Use the drawn man as part of your logo and add the robots.
Make it go wow!
Agree with Designmatic that, although having something clean, clear and to the point is good, it is perhaps a little too simple.

I think that character drawing himself is good and that something like that in the corner would work well. I also feel as though bordering the CV with more illustrative scenery could work, whilst the main area for content can still be clear and white?


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I've just gotten an image in my mind of a nice smart cv with doodles and scribbles all in the margins lol. Thanks for the replys peeps, I've got some good ideas to play with here. I had considered using the little dude in a logo, he's a bit tall for that at the moment mind, I might cut his head off and use that.


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Hi guys, just a wee update on the thing so far. Had to jump on a job application or two tonight so I made some quick changes. They wanted someone who does vector work, so I've included some vector work, since thats what all the cool kids are doing...

Also plonked my pencil guy in as-is to liven up the front page. I think it kinda works.

(oh, and the robots are in now!)