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Feedback on my logos please


Junior Member
Im just a regular student who has been trying to break himself into logo making business. I have learned everything myself and Id like to study designing one day.

Could you please give feedback on some of my works ive chosen. You dont need to be soft, i can handle criticizing.

So please, tell me the mistakes I made, what I should do better and so on.

Best regards,
You have an eye for aesthetics, and that's encouraging. But design is about conveying information. These logos say nothing about the companies they are for. For example, other than the strapline, how are we to know what The Filter Store Online actually do just from the logo? I'd suggest doing some research on the art of logo design, typography and graphic design in general before diving in and just making stuff look pretty.

Also, you may want to introduce yourself in the appropriate section before asking people to crit your work.



Junior Member
Yes, you are generally right but many contest holders have especially asked for simple abstract logo instead of one which related to company.


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Hi Buja, I think the logos show promise in terms of the ability to select type faces and colours, but they are not quite there yet. In terms of crowd sourcing, which I assume you are referring to, the logos that get selected as the winners often aren't the best logos but rather ones would be better described as detailed vector art, often visualised in-context. And whilst these can look very cool indeed there bells and whistles often disguise the fact that there not as good as a much simplier entry.

I would start by mastering the one colour logo. If you can get it to look awesome with a single colour, you should be laughing when it comes to adding a bit of flare.


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Yes, You are right. But could you suggest me books/articles etc to enchance my skills? Since as I stated before, I have learned everything from looking at other logos/tuts and so on.

Btw, won my first contest at 99designs, whee. :)


Senior Member
Congrats on that. My advice is keep doing what your doing, practice makes perfect but be aware that crowd sourcing isnt the be all and end all of logo design.


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i'd have a look at the kind of fonts associated with different types of companies.

when you get a brief for a gaming site, go to 5 different gaming sites, take note and see what all 5 have and don't have.

do your research on a company, their clients, similar companies, and you'll no doubt impress the client with your final draft.