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Feedback on logo design


Junior Member
Hi all,

I'm new to the forum but ready to jump in and get some feedback on this logo for a small bakery called "Sweet Oven Bakery." The client makes scones (nothing else) and in the design brief I prepared she stated that she wanted a logo that was friendly, cozy, simple, understated but sophisticated.

Client loves the logo and the concept but I'd really like to tweak it more.

Specifically, I'd like feedback on the typeface choices as well as the kerning/tracking that I've done.





Junior Member
I feel that the kerning for "Bakery" is a little bit too much? Not so sure on that one.
Also the font used on for "Sweet" could do better, particularly I did not like the pointy W head in the middle or the condensed style "T" that looked more like a cross to me. I am sure that you could do better even though the concept is great. Have you spent 8 hours just browsing for the right font?