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Feedback on Design and Navigation

Hi folks,

I have put a site together for my girlfriends salon but to be honest I haven't coded in years and I'm probably not the best at design either. Could you review the site and let me know what you think and suggest ways that I could improve:

I will post seperately but any help of getting the site more hits and further up the list in search engines would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
I don't think there's anything glaringly wrong with it but I do think it could be a fair bit more attractive if you made a few smaller changes.

What I think you could play around with:

- Add a bit of colour to it. I can see pink working well with the black/white/silver theme you have going now. Just a little bit here and there to give it more of an edge, e.g on links or headers.

- Make the booking link more prominent. Have it somewhere around your main spiel on the front page, as well as in your sidebar on all the other pages. Highlight it in the sidebar so people reading your sub-pages are always aware of it. Right now if I'm reading the main copy on the left it blends in with everything else in that corner of my eye.

- Alignment. The address isn't aligned with the sidebar and the search, it breaks the visual flow of the page. I also don't like that I have to skip over the image on the homepage to start reading, that could be shifted to the right instead.

- Make your form styling uniform. Your search bar is all tricked out and your other form inputs aren't. It looks strange.

- Do I really need to be told the homepage is the homepage? That header might be better used for some sort of tagline, perhaps?

- For my personal taste I don't think having the sidebar attached to the navbar and flush right looks good. Having it separate with a little whitespace between it and other stuff might be an improvement. I also don't like the horizontal gradient in the headers here either.

- I think the overall visual weight of the page is a little askew too, along with detaching the sidebar thing above I think a full width footer and a bit more whitespace at the bottom would help here.

Incidentally I must walk past this place every other day :blink:, I'll try to keep an eye out next time.


Active Member
I don't have time to dig right into it and on the whole I don't think its too bad at all.

One quick thing though

a:hover {color:#ec008c;}
to your css - change the link colour on rollovers - make it obvious they're links - also on the drop down menu give some indication of which sub-menus have further sub-menus with some arrows or something...

Also perhaps look at getting some more imagery on the pages - break it up a little/give it some interest.