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Feedback needed! www.fredskov.com

Hey folks ;)

Couple of days ago i started on a bigger project: Reworking fredskov.com, my website! I had a lot of issues with it myself, there was a lot of content that needed to get uploaded as well, and i needed a project for my spare time.

So i sat down and put down the problematic to work from, and started writing down. I decided that i might as well just get user feedback while at it, and thought this would be the place to get it.

Now the content will be re-written, so what I'm interested in is mostly constructive criticism on the usability on the page.

BIG thanks in advance!
Decent. things are straight forward, it's a very basic website.
Sometimes it doesn't load a page into the iframe, don't know why. iframe's probably aren't the best way to handle things, anyways. You should be using Div's, with any effects you might want to use to make it more clean. Also, I got stuck at one point where I needed to use my browser's back button as there was no link to the home page. User's should not need to resort to their browsers history to get them around a website.

A bit naive. Try using other means to denote sections, like in your tutorial area, it's like reading a book. People don't want that on the internet. Use more color, less black, and think about not using code just because you can. Like the personal section, there's really no need to have your images overlapping, it's a bit distracting and doesn't add to any sort of visual symmetry.

Keep at it, though I remember the days I was making sites exactly like this, you'll be amazed at how far you can take this stuff, I still learn with every site I make.
Thanks :) Excactly something like this i was looking for

The iframes IS something im working away from in the new layout, i did them in the first place because i did'nt wanted some "ugly" long links ending on .html - but with a little creativity i got around that in the new stite.

The text content is another thing im working on redoing, but it gonna take some time.

I overlap pictures in the portfolio, because i personally find the regular grid-like setup a bit boring and this was a way to get around it. The downside about it is the long code though, but think im gonna keep it unless i get more feedback against it :)

Once again thanks for the feedback - its greatly appreciated :)
Yeah its always good to have a few people's opinions before you do anything, everything is just my opinion, some of it is pretty standard, though. And its never a wrong thing to try and break away from certain standards. I'm sure you will find some way of displaying your images in a unique way, if not the way you have it already.
It's good to experiment.

As for the iframes, you should deffinitely get rid of them. Even though the long links are ugly, they help people who might want to link to a particular page on your site, like if I wanted to show some friends your personal art section, i would have to say "go to this site and click personal" rather than just linking directly to it.
It also makes it harder for search engines to spider through/ hurts rank (I believe).
WEBIAN said:
No need for sadding down :D
Ugh must have been tired when writing >_<

And yeah i know it was a bit rude about sending the answers to FB :) Mistake i learned from

mikebaywok said:
Hope you are ok. I like your effort and what you are trying to do. I have only one thing. To be honest I am not a big fan of the black colour..It looks really dark. Keep up the good work!
I used to have a white theme aswell, but it was'nt very pleasant for the eyes, you got eye fatique watching on it. A side from that it I personally prefer the black design, and believe it fits my style better :)

Everything is subjective ;)

- and for the last one i WILL keep you updated :)
I think you should start thinking outside of the box of black and white, just as you are with your interesting image placement. Its ok to use shades of grey, or other colors.

The web has come a loooong ways since it's inception, and we have a lot of colors and shades to play with now.
I understand you are going for a darker look, but that doesn't mean you can't get a dark feeling website without the exclusive use of black. You could really add some depth to what you have with more variation in shade or color.
The color theme i currently use which have become part of my identity could by ease get expanded with more shades of grey and even red without breaking it :)

At the moment theres 5 colors in total, 1 black, 1 white, 2 greys and a red, but it should be possible to add shades without breaking the aim :) Thanks a lot for the tip, i'd be looking into it, maybe add some gradients here and there.