Feedback needed- typographical poster ideas!

I have put together 6 brief ideas for my project and I would like some feedback on which idea you think is most effective, interesting/grabs your attention and which one you think is the strongest.

(even if you could just write the number of which idea you like it would be much appreciated!!)

Brief summary of my project:
My project is about the power of type. I must take a cause I believe in and use the power of typography to activate this cause and create awareness about the cause. I have chosen my cause to be about litter and to stop littering.

Thank you very much!!! :)

Idea 1)

My first idea is about having text in an object or having it outlining the object.
This image can either be a bottle or perhaps a broken bottle.
The text that will be in the bottle would be either have:

· The word litter in written in it. Different sizes, different colours and fonts.

· A fact about littering (About how long it takes to decompose a bottle which is at least 450 years).

Rough sketches of what it could look like:
1.0.jpg 1.1.jpg

Idea 2)

My second idea is about the idea of labelling people who litter “don’t let them label you” as a sort of naming/shaming idea.

More detailed sketch:

Idea 3)

The next idea is about “litter costs you” this is about the idea that if you are caught littering, you can be fined (on the spot littering in UK tends to be under £100 however can go up to £2,500 for persistent littering). So therefore if you are throwing something on the floor and are caught, then it is as if you are throwing away your money (by getting fined)

So I had two ideas from this and they were:

“Litter costs you” having a flow to it so it goes from one to the other

“Pick up or pay up”

3.0.jpg 3.2.jpg

Idea 4)

Another idea was having a fact that is quite striking and having the emphasis on the important parts of the fact.

I have two facts that can be used here.

· One of them is this fact that I found quite shocking is “Over 69,000 animals are killed or injured by litter last year in Britain”. This could raise the point that littering isn’t a problem just because it doesn’t look nice, it is a problem because it is harming/killing animals as well.


· The other one is about using the fact that cleaning up litter that people drop costs a lot of money to clean up each year (30 million tonnes of litter are collected in the UK every year at a cost of £1bn) and instead of spending this money on cleaning up after ourselves, we could use this money on other more important things like services and building schools, more doctors etc.

Idea 5)

My next idea is about using an apple core as the main image and having text in the core of the apple. The reason I chose an apple core is because a lot of people think that throwing an apple core is not littering as an apple is biodegradable. However this is not the case because once you have thrown away the apple core it becomes a hazard until it has decomposed and this can take up to 2 months therefore you can still be fined if caught throwing this away.
This text will either be:

· The idea that “no litter is safe litter” where all litter thrown is dangerous.

· A fact that has got to do with wasting the earth away/ filling up the earth, because I can use the idea that the shape of the apple is round, resembling the earth.


Idea 6)

Idea is about using chewing gum litter alone costs an annual estimated cost of £56m to clean up. In this idea I plan to have an open chewing gum wrapper, with the gum still in it and having the fact about gum litter on the chewing gum. The text on the gum would be in a clear readable font, with the emphasis on the important elements of the fact.
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