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Feedback needed for portfolio site and personal Logo

Paul Murray

Staff member
I'm not a fan of the layout/functionality personally, it feels a bit dated. And the typography running up the side of the logo is horribly hard to read. I'd reposition it or just remove completely.

Also, I'd recommend adding some keyword rich text on the main page, as this is the page that search engines like the most. Without good SEO your portfolio won't be found by people searching.
I think your home page needs more content, some of your work for example. It doesn't seem like you have lots of corporate work- I think if you had more graphic content like 'Navitas' and the 'Soup packaging' you made it would be a stronger portfolio.

Ask people around if they need graphics, even if you don't get paid its better than having a rather empty portfolio. Also, personally I don't really understand (im sure others might agree with me) why many graphic designers have a photography section in their portfolio. You need the client to be sure that you specialize in graphic design, and therefore the photography is not relevant, unless, of course, you add it as a service to your customers.